FIPP Members 2023

The FIPP ToR states that:

FIPP’s members are selected through a joint decision by the chairs of the CBC, KSC and PSC in consultation with the FIPP chair. The appointment of new members is endorsed by the INTOSAI Governing Board. The members collectively possess a wide range of skills, extensive experience with the different types of public-sector auditing and reflect the diversity of INTOSAI’s membership.

All current members are experienced in the following areas of auditing expertise:

Financial audit, performance audit, compliance audit, development of audit methodology, standard setting on national or international level, international cooperation, capacity development and education and training in public-sector auditing.

Furthermore, most members have management responsibilities for audits and experience in different specialist streams of audit (i.e. environmental or IT audit) and several members have experience with development of competency frameworks or certification processes.

In addition to the areas of expertise shared by all or most FIPP members listed above, a few special areas of expertise of each FIPP member have been highlighted under the member profiles below. 

FIPP Members 2023

Aase Kristin Hemsen (Chair)SAI Norway
Kristoffer Blegvad (vice Chair)SAI Denmark
Aicha Ben BelhassenSAI Tunisia
Alexandra PopovicSAI Sweden
Beryl DavisSAI United States of America
Chandra BhandariSAI Nepal
Einar GørrissenINTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI)
Gerhard RossEuropean Court of Auditors
Jane MeadeSAI Australia
Jared NyasaniSAI Kenya
Josephine MukombaAFROSAI-E Secretariat
Lissa LamarcheSAI Canada
Mahmood H. MahmoodSAI Bahrain
Monica RajamanoharSAI India
Prachi PandeySAI India
Tiago CostaSAI Brazil
Toma DonchevSAI Bulgaria