Beryl Davis


FIPP member since 2015

Title and responsibilties

Director, Financial Management and Assurance, U.S. Government Accountability Office

Responsible for various financial audits and performance audits, with an emphasis on the adequacy of internal controls, at executive branch agencies. The portfolio includes work related to improper payments, grants management and accountability, inspectors general, health care financial management, and state and local government financial management. Beryl Davis’ auditor role was recently expanded to cover selected programs disbursing large amounts of federal funds for relief and recovery from the pandemic.  

Special areas of expertise include strategic planning and standard setting at the national and international levels. 


Work experience includes public accounting, private industry, a non-profit organization, a standard-setting organization and federal and local governments, as either an auditor or a financial manager.   

Certified Public Accountant; Certified Internal Auditor; Certified Government Financial Manager, Master of Business Administration, with a concentration in Accounting