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Elaboration of the new Strategic Development Plan 2023-2025

The Strategic Development Plan (SDP) is the overarching document that covers all initiatives to develop the INTOSAI Framework of Professional Pronouncements (IFPP) towards a clear, consistent and relevant set of professional pronouncements. These initiatives include, amongst others, INTOSAI projects of developing new pronouncements or updating existing ones. The SDP will reflect the priorities and needs of the INTOSAI community and will mirror the INTOSAI Strategic Plan.

According to the Due process for INTOSAI’s Framework of Professional Pronouncements the SDP should be updated every 3 years. Due to amongst other the Covid-19 situation and the work on the Component 1 from the SDP 2020-2022 the update has been 1 year delayed.

Documents and minutes

SDP Kick-off 1 February 2022 CBC, KSC, PSC and FIPP – Minutes

Planning and preparation for the new INTOSAI Strategic Development Plan 2023-2026 – Request for information on existing and planned written products – Initial information gathering for Subcommittees and Working Groups Deadline 25 May 2022Cover letterTemplate

Initial information from the PSC Subcommittees

Initial information from the KSC Working Groups

SDP GCC/FIPP meeting 14 June 2022 – Minutes

Process Plan for the SDP 2023-2025 with Cover letter – finally approved by the PSC SC 28 June 2022

SDP GCC/FIPP Joint Seminar Copenhagen, Denmark 6-7 September 2022 – AgendaMinutes

SDP GCC/FIPP meeting 1 December and 8 December 2022 – Minutes

SDP GCC/FIPP Joint Seminar Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain, 8-10 May 2023 – Agenda