Karen Elizabeth Alejandrina Belteton Mohr


FIPP member since January 2017

Title and responsibilties

Deputy Director of Audit Quality Assurance at SAI Guatemala

Assists the Director in organizing, coordinating and supervising activities in the Audit Quality Assurance department, which has the function of verifying compliance with standards and procedures to ensure the quality of audits, in accordance with international standards and proposing relevant improvements to correct identified weaknesses.      

Special areas of expertise include Audit methodology, quality control, education and training in public-sector auditing, strategic and operational planning, audit planning, standard setting at national level, codes of ethics and audit supervision.


B.S in Public Accounting and Auditing and B.S in Business Administration and Computer Science, Completing a Master´s studies in Reengineering and Assurance Technologies and Public Management and Leadership, Diploma in Public Audit Management by KOICA, Seoul, Korea, Diploma in Financial Audit and Value for Money Audit, by NAO, London, United Kingdom, Diploma in Performance Audit by iCISA, Noida, India, Certificate in Performance Audit by SAI Guatemala, Diploma in “Public-Private Partnership and Concessions, design, implementation and challenges” by IADB, Quito, Ecuador