About FIPP

The creation of the Forum for INTOSAI Professional Pronouncements (FIPP) is intended to ensure a single entry into the ISSAI Framework and a more uniform approval process for the ISSAIs and any other pronouncements included in the ISSAI Framework. FIPP will therefore have general responsibilities for the content and quality of the full set of professional standards defined by INTOSAI. It is the intention that FIPP should strengthen INTOSAI as an international standard setter and drive the continued development of appropriate standards for public-sector auditing. Members of FIPP will be expected to engage actively in the standards-developing process and define the appropriate level of requirements for publicsector auditing. FIPP will draw on project groups and the subcommittees of the PSC, CBC and KSC to draft proposals for the individual ISSAIs and other standards documents.

FIPPs members are selected through a joint decision by the chairs of the PSC, CBC and KSC following an open call for nominations. The appointment of new members for FIPP shall be presented to the INTOSAI Governing Board for final endorsement.